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Adding a touch of style

One of my ideas for this blog is that it’d be fun to design and develop it in the open. What that means is that for each post, I intend to add to or change one or more aspects of it’s design or — as was the case last time — add a feature.

To achieve this, each new post will be the root index.html file. When a newer post is added I’ll move the most recent post into it’s own folder (along with any assets) and the new, latest post will be added as a new root index.html. Each time, I'll update the list of previous posts in the footer, and that’ll probably do for navigation, at least for now.

What this means is that each post is like a time capsule, improvements made to the latest post won’t be applied to any previous ones (unlike most blogs who apply a single theme to all articles regardless of their age).

This is not my idea, I read about someone doing something similar earlier this year. But now I can't find that website to link it, sorry.

I’ve also made myself another rule: semantic HTML elements only (no <div>, no <span>), I want to practise what I preach (in my day job) and a bit of forced discipline is always a good thing.

So, for this post, I’ve decided to make this thing look a little less… basic.


The feature I’m adding this time around is a stylesheet and some actual styles. As this is a learning experience, I’m going to document every styling choice in the CSS file itself as code comments, to read the rest of this post, you’ll need to view the source of the style.css file.