Hackmaster Resources

All resources on this page are for use with the latest edition of Hackmaster.

Cheatsheet (updated)

This cheatsheet summarises key rules for quick reference. Some interpretation and paraphrasing has been done.


What is now included:

  • Initiative
  • Speed
  • Reach and engagement
  • Attacks
  • Defense
  • Shield use and damage
  • Damage
  • Injury and dying
  • Movement actions
  • All fighting styles (aside from shield only)
  • Advanced combat moves
  • Chivalry and luck points
  • Skills checks
  • Healing

Download Hackmaster Cheatsheet v1 (PDF, 158kb)

Designed for printing, ideally double-sided.

Character sheets

Over time I intend to develop character sheets for all character classes, starting with those for the classes represented in our party: fighter, rogue, cleric and mage.


Character sheet designed for fighters with plenty of weapon slots on the front and an expanded health/wounds area.

Note: next version will remove the space for luck points which was included accidentally.

Fighter Character Sheet v0.1 (PDF, 181kb).


This character sheet has been developed specifically for use with the Hackmaster Rogue. As such it puts skills as the key Rogue class feature on the front and there are limited slots for weapons (though for the use of most weapons base modifiers will suffice).

Note: I am testing this character sheet in active play at the moment and intend to revise after use for a period of time, two changes have already been mooted including a better method for tracking wounds and in particular healing and bolding frequently references skills (especially Listening and Observation).

Rogue Character Sheet v0.1 (PDF, 151kb).


All my Hackmaster resources are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-a-like license.

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