Council hous occupied by Focus E15 mothers

“Sticking together gives you hope that things can be different”

Focus E15 mothers are a group of young mothers who were evicted from a hostel they lived in. The hostel was a place of shelter for women facing homelessness and domestic violence. Their response to this eviction and the accompanying attempts by social service to disperse them across the country was to organise.

What strikes me about the actions of these brave women and their supporters, is that organising and campaigning of this nature is also an exercise in community building. And what better way to (re-)build communities than though campaigning on housing?

Finding the confidence to stand up for yourself and those around you is not easy but when you do you give others the confidence to do the same. Solidarity and action can be infectious and can strengthen a community to the point where it can begin to find it’s own solution to problems as well as become impossible for those with the power to ignore.

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